uas4G solution adds LTE 4G datalink and extended capabilities to Parrot Disco and Bebop2 drones.


Supported drones

Parrot Disco
Parrot Disco AG

Parrot Bebop2
Parrot Bebop2 Power

In the roadmap

Ardupilot based UAVs

Unlimited range

True NLOS operation within the area of LTE 4G coverage that takes you to the next level.

Up to 100min of flight time

Custom made Disco UAV battery packs designed for extra flight endurance.

LTE 4G datalink

Supports telemetry and live FPV stream over encrypted LTE 4G VPN connection.

LiveStream sharing

Youtube Live and RTP UDP targets supported for live video distribution and recording.

TrackMap sharing

Share online flight tracking map with live telemetry data included.

Free software updates

Enjoy new cool features delivered through frequent software updates.

Easy to use

Low cost solution that includes datalink and drone configuration management software.

Compatible with FreeFlight

Use existing FreeFlight Pro app like you would normally do with your Parrot drone.

Check out our products

GoFly Bundle delivers ready-to-fly system - including uas4G upgraded Parrot Disco drone. Datalink Bundle and Disco flightcase addons are targeted for existing Disco drone owners.


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